HR Consulting

HR consultants support their clients with all aspects of human capital and the delivery of HR services.

Digital Consulting

Digital consultants specialise in digital strategies, automation and technology implementation.

Management Consulting

Management consultants support their clients with all aspects of management and operations.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consultants advise C-suite and executives on their most pressing boardroom challenges.

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Successful companies all have something in common, strong leadership. But not all managers are leaders. A good leader innovates, motivates, manages, and inspires. As a result, companies with strong leaders consistently outperform their peers.

Compensation Benchmarking & Analysis Services

Are you struggling to recruit top talent? Un-competitive compensation packages may be the issue. Our compensation benchmarking process can help. Benchmarking and analysis equip you with a data-driven response based on facts using the actual market rates of specific positions. This data helps you make better-informed and more effective remuneration decisions.

We Customize Our Performance Management System
To Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs.


Approach To Training

The Faculty Members at Frandek Consulting are experienced in evidence-based learning.Hence,Training programmes are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application thereby making the training programmes more effective.

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Strategic Planning Framework

The implementation of a strategic planning framework enhances corporate performance on all fronts.By using strategic planning, you can work more efficiently and more effectively recruit and retain top personnel. A strong HR strategy also promotes a positive workplace culture, which lessens internal conflicts and enhances the reputation of the firm..

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Leading Performance Delivarables

Why are you on the payroll ? organisations recruit employees with expectations on performance deliverables. There are usually consequences when employees fall short; these consequences affect both the employees and the organisations.

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