Performance Management System (PMS)

Frandek is in the forefront of developing and implementing customized tailor made Performance Management System (PMS) for both Public and Private Sector Organisations to drive Accountability and effective Service Delivery.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Frandek is actively working with both Public and Private Sector Organisations to develop and implement Standard Operating Procedure to ensure Standardisation, Quality and Effective Service Delivery.

Institutional Strengthening

Frandek through its Institutional Strengthening Initiative facilitates the reposition of organizations to be more efficient and effective through a series or reform activities to enable the organizations achieve their Goals and Objectives.  

Business Process Re-engineering

Frandek provides strategic support to Senior Management Cadre to facilitate the redesign of Core Organisational Business Process that improves Productivity, Quality and overall Service Delivery thereby ensuring Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Frandek has in the Past 9 Years built the Knowledge, Skill and Capacity of Senior Managers (Directors) to take on and excel on Strategic Roles (Permanent Secretary). This has been achieved through Frandek’s Training, Coaching and Mentoring Initiative.

Management Consulting

Frandek is leading in the development and implementation of Strategic Documents, e.g. Concept Notes, Strategic Plans, Policies, Frameworks, Guidelines and Manuals, Bills, etc. Our co-creation approach ensures buy-in and ownership from all Stakeholders.

We Customize Our Performance Management System
To Fit Your Organization's Unique Needs.


Frandek Resource Faculty

The Faculty Members at Frandek Consulting are experienced in evidence-based learning, hence, training programmes are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application thereby making the training programmes more effective.

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Leading Performance Delivarables

Frandek has excellent working relationships with both Individual Consultants and International Learning Organizations and Institutions such as National School of Government International (United Kingdom). Collaborative work being carried out in the past and ….

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Frandek Quality Assurance Framework

Frandek Consulting is committed to providing high quality consulting and training activities by using Quality Assurance Framework which comes in phases. The following four phases support the identification of the Training and Development needs of an organisation. 

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I consider Frandek International Consulting Limited as one of the leading Management Consulting Firms that I have worked with, between 2016 and 2019, Frandek helped to transform Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) especially the Human Resource Department. The HR Department is now driven by a Strategic Human Resource Management approach. I would recommend Frandek to any organisation looking to reposition itself for efficient and effective service delivery.

Director Human Resouces Management, The Nigerian Shippers’ Council

Frandek Consulting exceeded our expectations by facilitating the development of the Ministry of Water Resources Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which was launched recently. We are also working on the implementation of Performance Management System (PMS) for the Ministry of Water Resources in collaboration with FCL. Frandek can always be relied on for effective service delivery. I am confident that Frandek International Consulting will meet and exceed your organisational expectations.

Mrs. Jumai Idakwo

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